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It's About Time

by Chris LaPlante

Chris LaPlante is the Academic Advisor for the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning at Virginia Tech University


My name is Chris LaPlante and I am the new National Coordinator for Take Back Your Time. I am interested in helping advance the mission of Take Back Your Time because I see time as our most valuable resource. [Read more...]

Take Back Your Time Day


Take Back Your Time Day was celebrated on Saturday, October 24, 2015. Community celebrations took place across the U.S. People from all types of professions and students across campuses joined to celebrate the day and reflect on the importance of the Take Back Your Time movement. Please continue to spread our message on Social Media by using #takebackyourtime2gether and #takebackyourtime. [Read more]

Time Matters: The National Take Back Your Time Conference


Time Matters: The National Take Back Your Time Conference will be held August 25-27 at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington. We are expecting 200-300 people for a spirited discussion about overwork and time poverty in America and what we can do to give Americans more time in their stressed lives. We'll host luminaries in the work-leisure balance field including America's most prominent leisure historian Benjamin Hunnicutt of the University of Iowa. This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from experts and activists and there will be plenty of time for networking.

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