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An interview with Ron Lizzi, author of the book Go Outside and Come Back Better

Go Outside and Come Back Better


Blog Post: Nature Mysticism and Social Action Today - 200 Years After Thoreau

by Gene Sager

We live in a hectic, I would say, frenetic society which overuses nature and treats it harshly. We are obsessive with our technological devices. Despite great divergence of opinion, or rather because of it, we paradoxically agree that we are severely polarized. Finally, violence abounds, from domestic violence to non-domestic homicides, to ground wars and air strikes abroad. Most of us seem to have resigned ourselves to our condition. I would not call this "quiet desperation," but rather "desperate tweeting."
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Time Matters: The National Take Back Your Time Conference


Time Matters: The National Take Back Your Time Conference will be held August 25-27 at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington. We are expecting 200-300 people for a spirited discussion about overwork and time poverty in America and what we can do to give Americans more time in their stressed lives. We'll host luminaries in the work-leisure balance field including America's most prominent leisure historian Benjamin Hunnicutt of the University of Iowa. This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from experts and activists and there will be plenty of time for networking.

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